This page lists some note-worthy projects I worked on, including professional and personal projects. All my personal projects are publicly available on Github.

Each listing features a selection of important skills in languages, frameworks and tools. Since projects can vary in complexity, technologies may depend on other technologies and tools can change over time, these selections are neither final nor complete. However they put an emphasis on the knowledge and experience gained from the respective project.

Professional project

Development in a monolithic government project: Participation in migrating the frontend framework in-place and maintenance of legacy code.

Java JSF/JSP Vue.js SQL/Postgres Hibernate/JPA Maven yarn OpenAPI Flyway JBoss *nix

Professional project

Design and implementation of a new API service for a globally operating insurance company.

Java Spring Boot Maven OpenAPI Tomcat *nix


A small Maven dependency mostly aimed at frameworks to enhance APIs with specialized java.sql.ResultSet interfaces. It offers to select a subset of the ResultSet interface's methods for simple operations or make use of custom interfaces that map to ResultSet.

Java Maven

Professional project

3 years full stack development of a public government website including data aggregation, transformation and visualization from multiple data sources and a comprehensive search function.

Java TypeScript JavaScript SQL/Oracle Redux HTML CSS Maven yarn Flyway NetWeaver


(Yes, the website you are currently reading!)

A static multi-page, multi-language website generated with 11ty, using liquid as templating language.

JavaScript 11ty HTML CSS npm CI


A Java servlet filter to query JSON servlets using JsonPath, the equivalent of XPath for XML.

Java Maven


- A simulated bash running inside a browser

Website with bash look and feel to quickly simulate and assess simple *nix commands.

TypeScript React Redux TSX HTML CSS npm *nix


Visualization of Killed by Google, the Google graveyard; a free and open source list of discontinued Google services, products, devices, and apps.

TypeScript React Redux TSX HTML CSS npm

Bachelor thesis about implementing and visualizing truth trees

Truth trees are a logical method to solve logical expressions by finding contradictions between terms. This is a CLI and GUI application parsing a logical expression as input, breaking in into terms, mapping out a truth tree and visualizing it.